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Using this map

The map shows the location of the various room types at Hermitage Lodge. You will notice that some of the room types have a pulsing blue colour. If you click on a room with the pulsing blue a floor plan of that room will appear.

In the case of the Vineyard Suites and Vineyard Studios both floor plans will appear at the same time as they are under the one roof. They can be booked separately or together as a two bedroom suite.

In the case of the Premier Suites and Studios, the floor plans will also appear at the same time as they are also under the one roof. If you ‘click’ on the two areas here you will also see the layout of the upstairs of the Premier Suite.

With the Vineyard and Premier Suite floor layouts you will see colour coded buttons to the right hand side. If you ‘click’ on these buttons the area included in that room type will appear as a matching colour. If you ‘click’ on the 2 bedroom button you will note that the entire floor plan (both rooms) is coloured.

Click on any of the camera icons to see photographs taken from that location.

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